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A brand new shoot that was taken during the Hugo Boss promotion in Amsterdam back in November has been released today, which was accompanied by a new interview. The full thing can be read below the cut and the photoshoot can be accessed by clicking on the images below

Jamie Dornan tells Louise Wise why pushing boundaries is part of his DNA
The Risk-Taker

The day I meet Jamie Dornan, the Northern Irish actor admits he did a personality test online that very morning, for fun. “The test said, ‘Are you someone who likes to take risks?’ And I ticked ‘Strongly agree’,” says the Belfast-bred 37 year old. He didn’t even have to hesitate. “I feel like I’ve probably always been like that. Not in some sort of reckless way. But I guess I’ve always liked testing boundaries a little bit.”
That is one way to put it. In the three mega-successful Fifty Shades movies, adaptations of E.L. James’ erotic novels, Dornan set hearts a-flutter and knees a-knocking as the infamous Christian Grey. In the BBC’s hit series The Fall, meanwhile, he was even more unsettling as a worryingly sympathetic serial killer. And in 2020 we’ll see him pushing more limits, admittedly in a different vein. In one upcoming film, he has to improvise most of his dialogue; in another, he tries out comedy. Both are scary firsts for him. And then there’s that unexpected cameo in.. Trolls World Tour.

“I kind of asked to be in that,” laughs Dornan, straight after his photoshoot for EDITION – he has an easy, jokey manner which immediately balances out the fact that he is, let’s face it, intimidatingly handsome. The reasons for the request aren’t hard to find: he has three young daughters who are “just obsessed” with all things Troll, and he knew he’d get brownie points back home to star in this animated movie sequel. “I was like: ‘I’ll do anything. I don’t even need a line!” (To be clear, though, he does have some – as Chaz, a “troll who loves jazz”.)

If Trolls may seem the unlikeliest addition to his CV, it is also very Dornan: unpretentious, down-to-earth, and ultimately family-minded. Also, he knows by now to trust his instincts. Over the past decade he has steadily carved out a career in film and television, after making that tricky transition from being one of the world’s most sought-after models. He still does modelling work selectively, becoming the face of BOSS The Scent last year, but he focuses primarily on acting (other acclaimed film credits include Marie Antoinette, Anthropoid and A Private War).
“I like people who are a bit more linear and direct and know what they want,” he says, describing why he ultimately prefers acting. Modelling can be fun, he says – and he’s always sure to thank those who helped him on his way – but “you know, long conversations about your hair being ‘sexy, but smart – but not too smart and not too sexy…?'”. He opens his eyes wide. “There’s just a lot of faffing about, which I struggle with.”

Dornan and his wife, the actress and musician Amelia Warner, got married in 2013 – she took the personality test with him too, which confirmed that she is much less keen on taking risks. They live with their three girls in the calm of the English countryside. When asked how fatherhood has changed him, he answers, “It’s made me, I think. It’s sort of all I am now, I guess: a father. I don’t really think of myself as much else. Every decision I take in my professional work is grounded in what’s best for my family.”

You find out so much more about yourself having kids, he says. “Sometimes you don’t always like what you see,” he smiles, “and sometimes you do”. Did he always know he’d be a father? “Yeah. But it’s one thing to think that, and another to find someone crazy enough to have kids with you!”

At this stage of his career, Dornan evokes a sense of security and certainty, with a willingness to be unapologetically himself. It’s what makes him particularly enjoy being the face of BOSS: The Scent. It’s not an overpowering fragrance, he says – it doesn’t hide you; it complements you. “I do think it fits me,” he says. “The whole ethos of it being for a guy who has got himself together, and knows who he is, and doesn’t need something to hide behind. It’s for someone who’s confident.”

The upcoming films show a similar taste for adventure. “It actually makes me really proud that I have such a level of differing roles and different genres in one year, because I tried for that,” he admits. He has often refused the obvious routes – staying in modelling, for instance, or only doing lucrative franchises, looking instead to “steer my own ship,” as he puts it. “I’d be a very bored person if I just had five action movies coming out, you know?”

Instead he has the improvised drama, Endings, Beginnings, with Shailene Woodley, which is “totally out of my comfort zone”; a sci-fi movie, Synchronic; a magical Irish romance, Wild Mountain Thyme, co-starring Emily Blunt and Jon Hamm; the aforementioned Trolls spectacular; and then there’s Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar.

This is, as the name suggests, the comedy, by Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo, the women who gave us Bridesmaids. Dornan plays a hapless henchman, out of his depth on a mission in Florida. He puts it in the ballpark with classics like Naked Gun, Airplane! and Hot Shots! Part Deux, which is a good thing, to be clear: “I love those movies so much!” But it’s probably been the most challenging role of the lot for him, and the most overdue.

“I’ve wanted to do comedy for a very long time, and when I first started acting, I kind of only wanted to do that.” Ever since he was a child, he had been a fan of comic actors like Paul Rudd and Adam Sandler, and wanted to follow in their footsteps. However, it turns out he needed a decade of other roles, playing mysterious millionaires, serial killers and brooding soldiers, to finally get around to it. In a sense, this bears out the best advice he’s been given, by his father.

“He always said: ‘It’s not a race to the end, just take your time, and it’ll all work out in the way that’s meant for you.'”

Dornan thinks about that a lot while navigating the ups and downs of a Hollywood career. “You can’t get upset about stuff that you didn’t get. It wasn’t meant for you,” he shrugs. “You’re on your own path.”

It’s clear there’s nothing he likes more.

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