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After travelling to London to see Jamie and watch A Private War, lots of wonderful high quality pictures from the event have finally been added to the gallery. I truly hope everyone gets the opportunity to see this film because it was absolutely amazing and Jamie gave a stand out performance as Paul Conroy. On that note, Aviron released a few days ago that it was starting a campaign after putting Jamie forward as a BAFTA Nominee for Best Supporting Actor. During the premiere, he was joined by Millie and other members of the cast including Paul himself who was just lovely with fans who had waited all day for the red carpet to begin (some of us had been up and waiting since 4.45am). The day meeting up with other fans of Jamie’s was a day I won’t forget, sadly because of security reasons few of us got to see him up close. It was made more memorable by the fact he stayed and watched the film with us, of which I learned a few days after, was his first time watching it with others

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