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Jamie Dornan’s PR team insisted on reading all the questions first, so we wrote something together, half of which was then canceled: whether he liked the screen, whether it was an advantage, the colleagues already know when shooting, whether he would like to play a superhero, if he had voice lessons, what he thought of his voice – everything seems to pick delicate topics, but we did not care, because we do not work with prepared questions anyway. As soon as we had Jamie Dornan on the phone, he told us unasked that he had just become a father for a third time, his wife, the film composer Amelia Warner, had a concert the night before, he was still in London because actually live the family yes, two hours outside. Born in 1982 in Belfast, Dornan started his career in the early nineties as a model, appearing in campaigns by Dior Homme, Dolce & Gabbana, and Calvin Klein, and was sometimes referred to as “the golden torso” or as a masculine response to Kate Moss. About his then girlfriend Keira Knightley he came to acting and was in 2006 in Sofia Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette” first seen in the cinema. In the great series “The Fall” he played a woman murderer and a billionaire inclined to bondage games in “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

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In preparation I came across the movie “Beyond the Rave” of 2008. This was your second movie, and you play a British soldier looking for his girlfriend the night before he has to go to Iraq, traveling with a group of hardcore Raverners who are in reality but it’s about vampires

HP Is the movie good for what?
JD: It was crazy how one tried at that time to bring the film to the people. If I recall correctly, the film was initially intended as a web series for MySpace. Which meant that the project was actually ahead of its time. Today it would be a sensible idea, but eleven years ago people have not watched the movies on their smartphones. But other than that, it was a crazy experience and a lot of fun. For five weeks we had night shoot, the budget was practically nonexistent, nobody was paid. The movie was just one of those steps you make along the way when you’re an actor.
HP Should I look at it?
JD: Yes, do that if you find him somewhere. It’s probably on YouTube.
HP Or MySpace, if MySpace still exists.
JD: I have no idea. I do not use social media, I hardly use the internet.
HP wise decision.
JD: I know.

HP Are you turning at the moment, or are you between two films?
JD: More in between. I took a long break at the beginning of the year because a few months ago we had our third child. But in two weeks, I’ll start again. One movie after another. I’ll be busy with that by Christmas.

HP Is the “Untitled Drake Doremus Project” one of them?
JD: No, that’s already turned off. He also had a different title on the shoot, but I can not tell you that because it’s probably not the title he’s wearing at the end.

HP I would have liked it quite charming if it had remained as a title on “Untitled Drake Doremus Project”.
JD: I hope the director, Drake Doremus, has something better to come up with. (Something came to mind, the work is called “Endings, Beginnings”)
HP What’s the movie about?
JD: To a woman named Daphne, played by Shailene Woodley, in a difficult life stage. She’s just gotten into a relationship and then starts two new relationships, even though she’s trying to do just that. Actually, she did not want to have anything to do with men for a while and stop drinking and those things. But then one night she meets two guys who affect her life in very different ways, which then, well, causes a lot of unrest and forces them to make important decisions. That’s pretty cool, I mean, the whole movie is improvised.
HP Oh, improvised?
JD: Exactly, that’s Drake’s way of working. At first, though, there was the rough framework of an action, but when playing the story got its own dynamics, which was great. I am really proud of the work. I think that will be a very nice movie.
HP Are you the nice guy or the bad guy? For the sake of dramaturgy, I suppose both men can not be equally nice.
JD: Of course, that depends on where you are morally located. But I think the guy I play is a good guy, at least a lot nicer than most of the guys I’ve played so far.
HP A lot of bad guys.
JD: You can say that.

HP Another movie is called “Synchronic”.
JD: Yes, that’s a science fiction movie, by the way, my first science fiction movie. Somehow, lately I’ve been making more and more films that are new territory for the genre. That’s pretty cool, to be honest. I have not seen the full movie yet, just a few scenes recently. But Anthony Mackie is playing, which is great, because I wanted to work with him for a long time. And the directorial team Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead are just terribly interesting. A few of the films they shot with tiny budgets have an approval rate of 95 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. This is crazy, with only $ 100,000 such films to handle. In short, the two are two talented guys, and when the opportunity arose, I was right there. I think that will be a cool movie. The shoot was a lot of fun anyway. But when I read the script, I had to cry.
HP But this is not a science fiction movie with spaceships?
JD: No, it’s more about time travel.

HP Which brings us to “Carmen”. Is the film based on the opera by Georges Bizet?
JD: Yes.
HP Then you probably play Don José in it, but somehow not Don José, because in the film, as I’ve seen, no character named Don José shows up.
JD: That’s right. The film is an update of the Bizet opera. It’s about Mexican immigrants in America.
HP Oh so?
JD: Yes, that’s a modernized reinterpretation of the subject, but I have to admit that I would not have the original story if you asked me.
HP But there is music and singing?
JD: Yes exactly. And also dance and movement. I do not know how much you are familiar with the work of Benjamin Millepied, but he is the director of the film and one of the great choreographers of our time. (Millepied choreographed the dance scenes in “Black Swan”, was the director of the Ballet of the Paris Opera, is the founder and director of the LA Dance Project and the husband of Natalie Portman) and the film music comes from Nicholas Britell. What he’s done with “Moonlight” and “Beale Street” over the past three or four years was so much in the spotlight that he’s probably my favorite movie composer besides my wife. The chance to work with him is a great gift. And I wanted to shoot a musical for a long time anyway. I’m really looking forward to that, because it’s different from all that,
HP But you also have to dance? I remember you say on the Graham Norton Show that dancing is not one of your strengths.
JD: Yes, as a great dancer I would not call myself now. But it’s more about movements. This is hard to explain because we are not shooting the movie until the end of the year and are still in the process of being prepared.

Interview by Harald Peters

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