2009 – Nice to Meet You

Jamie as The Young Man

Directed by: Will Garthwaite
Written by: Will Garthwaite
Produced by: Will Garthwaite
Budget: N/A
Original release: 2009
Rated: N/A
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10
Genre: Short, Drama
Running time: 18 minutes 21 seconds
Other cast: Trudie Styler, Mickey Sumner
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The woman is awoken from her mid-afternoon suburban slumber by the arrival of an attractive young man over her garden fence. The man is being chased by the police and begs the woman to hide him, which much to her own surprise, she does. The police come and go leaving them alone at the back door, the sexual chemistry between them is as clear as day and were it not for an arrival at the front door things may have progressed further. The woman has a daughter and relations are at an all time low. However, the situation becomes even more strained when the girl brings a man back one night, the very same man from over the garden fence just days before. Despite their shock, the young man and the woman keep their cool maintaining the illusion that they have never met, evidently there is unfinished business they need to attend to. The young man secretly leaves the woman a note and although the woman knows him to be a criminal, and her daughter’s man, she can’t suppress her desires any longer. In a moment of self-serving and impulsive action the woman finds her self at the young man’s front door. Will the woman give in to temptation? Betray her daughter? And let the young man the young man to get away with his crimes? Or will she do the decent thing and put an end the affair?

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London, England, UK