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  Emily   November 02, 2014   0 Comments

I’ve added outtakes of Jamie from a photoshoot for The Observer to the gallery! This is probably one of my favorite photoshoots Jamie has done!

Edit: I have replaced the photos with HQ ones now!

  Emily   November 02, 2014   0 Comments

I have added two photos from a photoshoot Jamie Dornan did with co-star Gillian Anderson for The Daily Telegraph and scans from the issue to the gallery.

  Emily   October 30, 2014   0 Comments

I’ve added two episode stills from the first episode of the second season of “The Fall” and three photos from the promotional shoot to the gallery!

  Emily   October 26, 2014   0 Comments

Thanks to @Shades_Blog, I have added HQ scans of Jamie featured in the October 24th issue of eNews Magazine to the gallery!