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Today Jamie is celebrating his 37th birthday and I truly hope he has a wonderful day celebrating with his family and his gorgeous girls with this years celebrations being extra special after welcoming a new addition earlier in the year. Here is to another fantastically successful year with hopefully lots more wonderful projects to come

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It was confirmed during todays programme that on Thursday January 31, Jamie will be appearing on the talk show This Morning to promote A Private War which is released in the UK February 15. It is not known whether it will be a live interview or whether it has been pre-recorded but either way, it will be lovely to see Jamie again

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To support his various projects, Jamie Dornan has made multiple television appearances in recent weeks.
Monday, he will make another one. According to CBS, Dornan will appear on the November 5 edition of “The Talk.”

Dornan’s new film ‘A Private War’ opens this Friday, but the CBS press alert says that his promotional focus will be the upcoming ‘Robin Hood’

Monday, Nov. 5
Actor Jamie Dornan discusses his new film, “Robin Hood”: “Top Talker” television host and film expert Francisco Caceres; television host Catt Sadler guest co-hosts

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CBS confirms that Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan will appear on upcoming “Late Late Show With James Corden” episodes.

Dornan will participate in the discussion on October 23. Florence Welch will also be part of the discussion; she will later take the stage for a performance with The Machine.

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Within the interview Jamie announced that baby number three is on the way so a huge congratulations to both him and Millie on the wonderful news

How do you move on from Christian Grey? By starring in the most hotly anticipated biopic of the year, of course

You know you’ve reached a peak fashion-magazine moment when you’re looking at a mood board of Jamie Dornan’s beards. Prior to our cover shoot, extensive discussions took place about the actor’s trademark facial hair. Would a smidge of stubble or a wild and full beard best suit the chunky autumn Hugo Boss knits and tailored Hermès wool? Such is the attention to detail that comes with today’s photoshoots — and the fascination over a universally desired movie star such as Dornan. The idea of a “beard board”, however, makes the 36-year-old actor drop his head into his hands in disbelief. “No, please. That’s so embarrassing,” he says. “And it makes me look like a mega-prick.”

During his twenties, Dornan was a successful male model, dubbed the “golden torso” by The New York Times. Google will throw up dozens of images of his oiled abs posing alongside Eva Mendes (“The best, so funny”) and Kate Moss (“Very shy, or maybe she just didn’t want to talk to me”) for Calvin Klein, or Gisele draped across his lap for Aquascutum. A decade on, he has played the serial killer everyone secretly fancied in The Fall on BBC2, the billionaire bondage fetishist everyone openly fancied in the Fifty Shades trilogy, a Czech soldier in Anthropoid and an Irish soldier in The Siege of Jadotville. Today he is promoting three films, including A Private War, the gut-wrenching biopic of Marie Colvin, the late Sunday Times war correspondent. Dornan plays Paul Conroy, the photographer and friend who worked by her side, and calls the film “the most emotional job I will ever do”. The golden torso is now box-office gold. And, as is evident within seconds of meeting him, he is as far from being a “mega-prick” as can be.

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The Graham Norton Show is gearing up for a very special musical guest, as none other than the K-pop phenomenon BTS will be making an appearance.

BTS – which includes members V, Jungkook, Jin, Suga, RM, Jimin, and J-Hope – have been announced to be performing their huge hit ‘Idol’ on the October 12 episode of the BBC programme.

Whoopi Goldberg, Jamie Dornan, Rosamund Pike, and Harry Connick Jr are among the interview guests for the episode

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The HBO movie My Dinner With Hervé will premiere on October 20. In support of the project, Jamie Dornan will pay a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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Today Jamie is celebrating his 36th birthday and I hope he has an amazing day with family and friends. Here is to another successful year and lots more fantastic projects to come

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It has been announced today that Jamie will be on Conan O’Brien’s show on February 8. It’s likely the show will be pre-recorded whilst Jamie is still in Los Angeles and but will be aired on the above date

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