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  Helen   November 04, 2018   0 Comments

Yesterday Jamie, Rosamund and Matthew attended multiple Q&A’s after some A Private War screenings which were hosted by Armie Hammer and Jamies longtime friend, Eddie Redmayne. Some fantastic pictures from them both have been added to the gallery

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Yesterday, Jamie attended The Contenders Presented By Deadline, this time in Los Angeles with Rosamund Pike and Matthew Heineman to continue generating the potential awards buzz and positive reviews surrounding the film. High quality images from the event have been added to the gallery

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On October 21, Jamie attended a discussion with The Academy for A Private War. It’s hard to believe that he had literally just landed in Los Angeles after being in London not 24 hours earlier (and can we also talk about the shirt.. we need more looks like that please and thankyou very much) *fans self #imonlyhuman*. The full interview has now been published and can be watched in it’s entirety below

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Some wonderful high quality stills from A Private War were posted online earlier today, featuring some fantastic shots of Jamie as Paul Conroy. An on set image of him with Paul himself, was also posted with all of them now in the gallery

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Today Jamie attended the Deadline Contenders event in London with Rosamund Pike to talk about A Private War. High quality images from the event have been added to the gallery

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Stills from Jamies appearance on The Graham Norton Show have been added to the gallery thanks to my friend Emily. The interview will air on BBC One, October 12 at 10.35pm. Other guests include A Private War co-star Rosamund Pike, Whoopi Goldberg and Harry Connick Jr

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Yesterday Jamie attended the Hamptons International Film Festival in East Hampton, New York to promote A Private War with Rosamund and Matthew. High quality images from the event along with the Q&A have been added to the gallery

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The Graham Norton Show is gearing up for a very special musical guest, as none other than the K-pop phenomenon BTS will be making an appearance.

BTS – which includes members V, Jungkook, Jin, Suga, RM, Jimin, and J-Hope – have been announced to be performing their huge hit ‘Idol’ on the October 12 episode of the BBC programme.

Whoopi Goldberg, Jamie Dornan, Rosamund Pike, and Harry Connick Jr are among the interview guests for the episode

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More portraits from Jamies time in Toronto have been added to the gallery, with one shot by Maarten de Boer. Rumours have also been circulating that Jamie can unfortunately not attend the premiere on Friday due to prior commitments. It has yet to be confirmed but is sadly looking likely

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Today was Jamies first official day of promoting A Private War at TIFF alongside Rosamund Pike and director Matthew Heineman. He stopped by the Variety studios to take part in press interviews before heading to the Women in the World summit to talk more about the film. A Private War premieres on Friday 14th September with Jamie scheduled to attend. High quality pictures from day todays events can be found in the gallery

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