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  Helen   September 13, 2018   0 Comments

With the impending release of My Dinner with Hervé just over a month away, HBO have started to release material promoting the film which will air on October 20. A new poster, promotional image and key art used in the poster have been added to the gallery. What isn’t already in high quality will hopefully be replaced soon

My Dinner With Hervé (2018) > Posters [+001]
My Dinner With Hervé (2018) > Key Art [+001]
My Dinner With Hervé (2018) > Promotional Images [+001]
  Helen   August 24, 2018   0 Comments

It was announced today that My Dinner with Hervé will air on HBO October 20th with a short sneak peek featuring a few seconds of Jamie as Danny Tate. Some caps from it have been added to the gallery

My Dinner with Hervé > Sneak Peek [+006]
  Helen   November 02, 2017   0 Comments

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