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On January 31, Jamie appeared on UK talk show This Morning with Paul Conroy whom he portrays in A Private War where they talked about Marie Colvin on who the film was based on and what it was like to film. Stills from the interview have been added to the gallery with a snippet that can be viewed below

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Today, we got our first proper look at Nick (#fansself #swoonworthy #isithotinhere) in the long awaited trailer for Untogether which Jamie filmed back in 2016 and The film is set to be released on February 8 in the US and February 15 in the UK. Screen captures and the new poster from it will be added at a later date

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On November 5, Jamie appeared on The Talk to promote A Private War, Robin Hood and My Dinner with Herve. It was another wonderful interview and Jamie was his lovely self as always. The full interview which I have uploaded can be found below along with the stills from the show. Enjoy!

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It is now official, the trailer for Death and Nightingales has been released, showing us our first glimpse of Liam Ward. According to Deadline, the first episode will air later in the month with an airing date still yet to be announced but what’s for sure, it can not come soon enough..

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On October 21, Jamie attended a discussion with The Academy for A Private War. It’s hard to believe that he had literally just landed in Los Angeles after being in London not 24 hours earlier (and can we also talk about the shirt.. we need more looks like that please and thankyou very much) *fans self #imonlyhuman*. The full interview has now been published and can be watched in it’s entirety below

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On October 23, Jamie was a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden alongside Florence Welch, to promote A Private War. Clips from the interview can be found below along with a couple of stills

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On October 22, Jamie was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote A Private War and in my opinion, is one of his best from his multiple appearances on the show. The excerpts, which is as good as the entire thing, have been posted below along with some high quality stills

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Earlier today, Jamie and Sacha Gervasi visited On Air with Ryan Seacrest where they talked about Jamies audition for the project, how Sacha came to make the film and much more. The interview can be watched below