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Yesterday and today Jamie was spotted on the set of his new film directed by Drake Doremus, which is currently being entitled No No No Yes Endings, Beginnings (edited) in Los Angeles with Shailene Woodley. High quality images from both days can be found in the gallery

Endings, Beginnings > On Set > Nov 1 | Los Angeles [+014]
Endings, Beginnings > On Set > Nov 2 | Los Angeles [+027]
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To support his various projects, Jamie Dornan has made multiple television appearances in recent weeks.
Monday, he will make another one. According to CBS, Dornan will appear on the November 5 edition of “The Talk.”

Dornan’s new film ‘A Private War’ opens this Friday, but the CBS press alert says that his promotional focus will be the upcoming ‘Robin Hood’

Monday, Nov. 5
Actor Jamie Dornan discusses his new film, “Robin Hood”: “Top Talker” television host and film expert Francisco Caceres; television host Catt Sadler guest co-hosts

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On October 21, Jamie attended a discussion with The Academy for A Private War. It’s hard to believe that he had literally just landed in Los Angeles after being in London not 24 hours earlier (and can we also talk about the shirt.. we need more looks like that please and thankyou very much) *fans self #imonlyhuman*. The full interview has now been published and can be watched in it’s entirety below

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On October 24, Jamie attended the A Private War premiere in Los Angeles alongside Rosamund Pike, Tom Hollander and Matthew Heineman. Singer Annie Lennox who wrote the music for the film was also in attendance, including Sacha Gervasi whom Jamie worked with on the recently released My Dinner with Herve who came to offer his support. After the Red Carpet, a Q&A for The Academy took place in which all of the cast took part in (Jamie being Jamie was late but I bet it was just because he was being a complete sweetheart beforehand). Pictures from the premiere and Q&A have been added to the gallery

For those who are interested, thanks to the fantastic Clo @ DWJClosett, Jamie wore a suit and tie by Louis Vuitton, accompanied by his trusty Tods leather wingtips and as always was styled by Jeanne

Public Appearances > 2018 > A Private War LA Premiere [+108]
Public Appearances > 2018 > A Private War LA Premiere Inside [+022]
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On October 23, Jamie was a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden alongside Florence Welch, to promote A Private War. Clips from the interview can be found below along with a couple of stills

Public Appearances > 2018 > The Late Late Show with James Corden [+002]
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On October 22, Jamie was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote A Private War and in my opinion, is one of his best from his multiple appearances on the show. The excerpts, which is as good as the entire thing, have been posted below along with some high quality stills

Public Appearances > 2018 > Jimmy Kimmel Live [+005]
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After travelling to London to see Jamie and watch A Private War, lots of wonderful high quality pictures from the event have finally been added to the gallery. I truly hope everyone gets the opportunity to see this film because it was absolutely amazing and Jamie gave a stand out performance as Paul Conroy. On that note, Aviron released a few days ago that it was starting a campaign after putting Jamie forward as a BAFTA Nominee for Best Supporting Actor. During the premiere, he was joined by Millie and other members of the cast including Paul himself who was just lovely with fans who had waited all day for the red carpet to begin (some of us had been up and waiting since 4.45am). The day meeting up with other fans of Jamie’s was a day I won’t forget, sadly because of security reasons few of us got to see him up close. It was made more memorable by the fact he stayed and watched the film with us, of which I learned a few days after, was his first time watching it with others

Public Appearances > 2018 > A Private War LFF Premiere [+403]
Public Appearances > 2018 > A Private War LFF Premiere Inside [+052]
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Big Little Lies star Shailene Woodley, 50 Shades of Grey and A Private War star Jamie Dornan, Captain America‘s Sebastian Stan and Criminal Minds veteran Matthew Gray Gubler have been set to lead Drake Doremus’ next movie, which gets underway in Los Angeles this week.

The movie is set in present day Los Angeles and follows Daphne (Woodley), a thirtysomething woman navigating love and heartbreak over the course of one year. During that time, she will unlock the secrets to her life in a sudden turn of events and in the most surprising of places.

“Shailene, Jamie, Matthew and Sebastian are actors at the top of their game and to see this quartet unite for our film, with Drake at the helm, gives us great confidence that we’ll have something very special to deliver to audiences.”

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CBS confirms that Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan will appear on upcoming “Late Late Show With James Corden” episodes.

Dornan will participate in the discussion on October 23. Florence Welch will also be part of the discussion; she will later take the stage for a performance with The Machine.

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