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I have uploaded the interview of Jamie promoting Fifty Shades Freed on The Graham Norton Show. A fabulous new clip of the film was aired during the show and that can be seen at 23:10. I thoroughly enjoyed the interview as Jamie was on top form and was well worth the wait (and how fabulous did Jamie look? #blueisawarmcolourright?). Enjoy everyone

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The pictures from the recording of Jamies interview which took place a few hours ago have been added to the gallery, thanks to my friend Elle

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It has been announced that the world premiere of Fifty Shades Freed will take place on February 6th in Paris, France (Edited). It is expected that Jamie will be in attendance along with Dakota and other members of the cast

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A new TV spot has been released in Spain featuring some more new footage. It can be watched below and caps can be found in the gallery

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Broadcaster and Journalist Eamonn Mallie revealed today whilst talking to Frank Mitchell about his new show Face to Face with.. that Jamie will be a guest on it over the course of the next five weeks or so with the exact date TBC. The channel is only available to those who live within Northern Ireland but hope we will be able to watch it by other ways and means. He mentions and talks about Jamie and his interview at 5:23 and 7:01 for those who wish to skip the rest of the interview

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A new and probably final trailer has been released by Universal featuring scenes of brand new footage previously unseen in the previous trailers and TV spots. Captures from it along with some new stills have been added to the gallery. 38 days to go..

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I am so pleased to say that the site and gallery finally have a new look after having to use make do and mend themes for the past few months. The matching headers have been designed by my lovely friend Neide using Jamies shoot from the Fifty Shades Darker promotion in 2016. I hope you all like the new designs and if you spot any errors, broken links etc, please let me know

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And that is it. The final large update before promotion for Fifty Shades Freed really picks up in the next few weeks. Some years have been re-organised to make that particular one easier to navigate around. Additions and some new albums have been added to the 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012 and 2013 categories as well as the more recent sessions along with some receiving quality upgrades. I hope you enjoy looking through them all before we hopefully get some gorgeous new sets next year

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It was announced earlier today that Jamie will be returning to the BBC Radio studios to appear on Nick Grimshaws breakfast show. For now all we know is that it will be in February, an exact date is yet to be confirmed

Actor Jamie Dornan will guest in the Radio 1 Breakfast Show in February.

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