Disclaimer and Candid Policy

Jamie Dornan Network 2014-2020 (jamie-dornan.net/jamiedornan.org) is an unofficial website dedicated solely to Jamie Dornan. We are not in contact with him, his family, his management or representatives. This is a non profit website that is ran by fans for fans for entertainment purposes only. All media content used belongs to their respective owners, unless stated otherwise. If you see anything on the site that you claim ownership of and wish for it to be removed please contact me first.

As of May 2017 when the website was taken over, JDN now has a strict candid/stalkerazzi policy which means no pictures of Jamie in his day to day life can now be found on this website. This includes him going shopping, out with friends/family, on holiday etc. Should you wish to view them at your own discretion I advise you to visit other sites around the web or social media outlets that choose to post them. The only pictures taken by the paparazzi which can be found here are those which were taken when filming projects, providing he appears to be comfortable with the photographers presence. As we all know, Jamie works hard and like everyone, has the utmost right to privacy. He does not court publicity and wishes to live a quiet life when not working which he has stated on many occasions and we respect his wishes, hence the reason candids wil no longer be posted on the website or on our social media. The site is also rumour and gossip free, committed to posting only news that is confirmed to the best of our knowledge and is related to Jamie and his career